Finish Pro Color Matching Light Part # FPR-CMLIGHT

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• The Finish Pro Color Matching Light is a budget-friendly, professional-grade color matching light designed to aid in matching not only colors but metallic size and orientation. With features more at home in high-end lab equipment than in a shop-grade light, this unique tool will help painters match the paint as it was designed to be from the manufacturer. With up to 25 combinations of brightness and temperature, painters can consistently find the best match regardless of environmental conditions – avoiding costly resprays. This light pays for itself in avoiding even one respray.
• Avoid costly re-sprays by matching repairs for face and flop perfectly!
• Five temperature (Kelvin) settings from 2700-6500K for use in a variety of light settings and to check various tints and flops
• Five brightness levels from 300-2400 lumens ensures you can match the color in dimly lit to bright shop environments
• Up to 12 hours run time – no downtime during business hours!
• Added UV light feature for leak detection in both A/C and coolant systems, as well as UV curing on some UV cured products
• Uniform color temperature from edge to edge of beam width, will not SKU shades
• LED Smart display allows users to keep track of current brightness and temperature settings, and battery life
• Intuitive multi-button controls
• Aluminum and impact-resistant nylon housing for durability in harsh shop environments
• Includes: Color matching light, wall mount charging bracket, AC adapter, and protective briefcase