Maxi Multiple Pull Dent Station w/FREE Stand for The Maxi DTF-DF-505S

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 The Maxi Multiple Pull Dent Station is a 220V single phase dent pulling station that provides the technician with the power they need to shrink, pull rocker panels, hail damage, creases, dents in hard to access areas, and all types of metal damage
• Weld pins
• Weld a slide hammer directly to the panel
• Weld a light pulling rod
• Weld wiggle wire for even crease pulling
• Weld a rod for leverage pulling
• Shrink metal
• Maxi Multiple Pull Dent Station - DF-505
• (2) Light Pulling Rod
• (2) Slide Hammer Rod with Strike Weight
• Stud Pin Electrode
• Shrinking Electrode
• Wiggle Wire Weld Tip
• 9-Finger Bear Claw
• 4-Finger Bear Claw
• (50) Stud Weld Pin
• 1 lb Wiggle Wire
• 9 ft Welding Cable
• With FREE Stand for The Maxi